Welcome to Thorby Rudbek’s Galactic Citadel website!

A signpost to adventure: action, discovery, escape, telepathy, chases, battles, mind control, castaways and prisoners, wars and rumours of war, both planet-side, in the air and between planets – stretching across the immensities of space that surround and separate them – with aliens – some friendly and others hostile, human and inhuman. Stories full of drama, dilemma and desperation... determination, durability and dedication.

The Galactic Citadel series is written in a young-to-adult style, with heroes and heroines, villains and victims, a lot of action and a little romance but without explicit language or overt sexuality.... to provide an escape from concerns and routines, the predictable and the mundane, challenges and worries. Leave your troubles behind for a while!

In the World of the Galactic Citadel:

At the beginning, Earth seems just like the place we are all familiar with... but this is destined to change!

Despite the selfish and the tyrants, there are good people all around… they rise to face the challenge coming.

The Moon, or at least the far side of it, is a mystery, one that we have not viewed with our own eyes since the last Apollo landing, more than forty years ago.

Our adventurers discover that the Galaxy is truly and incomprehensively huge, and that you can feel alone as you traverse small portions of it, but it is also full of life, some like us, some very different… some kind and caring, some cruel and callous.

Principal characters:

  • Karen Amer – lives in an ancient and incredibly solid structure in Redcliff, a small coastal community in Maine, and is totally unknown in that small town until she begins to attend the local school.
  • Richard Fletcher – comes to Redcliff from Boston, Massachusetts, after losing his parents and only sibling in a car crash that put him in a coma for many months. His plan is to live with his aunt and finish his schooling but when he meets Karen, everything changes.
  • Ed Baynes – heads up NUIT, the National Unusual Incident Team, a little‑known, recently created division of the FBI that investigates the disappearance of Professor Hardy, his wife and his best friend, and discovers a weirdly damaged nuclear submarine, a missing trailer of frozen food, an inexplicably downed air force jet and the mysterious and confusing structure that Karen claims is her home.
  • Isaac Hardy – young professor of particle physics, abducted from our world.
  • Tracy Wilde – GP and emergency ward physician – makes a life-changing discovery and has to decide whether to inform the authorities or put her life and that of her new boyfriend on the line to save two young strangers.
  • Brad Hawk – aging helicopter pilot, Viet Nam vet, Dr. Wilde’s new boyfriend.
  • Paranak – 'turns up' in Passage... in conjunction with a deadly surprise, during an emergency space voyage.

The books: