Welcome to Thorby Rudbek’s Galactic Citadel website!

Thorby is excited to provide a little more information about this saga of ordinary, and some not so ordinary, people who are caught up in an adventure of….  truly Galactic proportions.

The Galactic Citadel Series: novels focused around a young man, the sole survivor of an auto-accident, and a teenage girl – seemingly without a past – that begin on Earth, but end up quite literally out of this world.

In the World of the Galactic Citadel:

Earth seems just like the one we are all familiar with, at least at the beginning of the saga.

Despite the selfish and the tyrants, there are good people all around… they will rise to face the challenge coming.

The Moon, or at least the far side of it, is still a mystery, one that we have not viewed with our own eyes since the last Apollo landing, more than forty years ago.

Our adventurers discover that the Galaxy is truly huge, and you can feel alone as you traverse small portions of it, but it is full of life, some – like us, some very different…  some kind and caring, some cruel and callous.

Some significant characters: 

Karen Amer – lives in Redcliff, a small coastal town in Maine

Richard Fletcher – comes to Redcliff from Boston

Ed Baynes – heads up NUIT, the National Unusual Incident Team, a little‑known, recently created division of the FBI

Isaac Hardy – young professor of particle physics

Brad Hawk – helicopter pilot, Viet Nam vet

Tracy Wilde – GP and emergency ward physician

Paranak – 'turns up' in Passage...

The books:

Ascent (link)

Passage (link)

Impact (link)

Cavalry (link)