Citadel – a forgotten inheritance – An obsidian-black monument over a hundred feet long in a small coastal town in Maine, oddly out of place amongst quaint cottages, but somehow never noticed over uncounted years… until now.

A lonely, pale wisp of a girl recently registered for the final year of high school. Her registration lists this apparently solid rock – Citadel - as her home.

The lone survivor of a family unexpectedly recovers from unconsciousness after many months and moves to the coast. Unlike the locals, he is drawn to and fascinated by the crenelated Citadel and even more by… the girl.

A nuclear submarine and half of a dead man. A private and exclusive cruiser strangely damaged and deserted, the occupants mysteriously missing. A crushed superstructure and a shadowy black shape high in the atmosphere.

An isolated series of structures on a cold and barren planet, an almost inhuman, human jailor, who in turn is a slave to the cold, ruthless ‘Controllers’.

An air force fighter jet broiled and brought down into the ocean close to Citadel. An eclectic collection of stolen items: a trailer full of frozen food; a huge haul of exclusive jewellery; a motley assortment of vehicles and expensive ingots of super-pure beryllium.

A civil evacuation, a military blockade and an airborne invasion by one very ordinary helicopter against the cream of the armed forces – resulting in a deadly battle and an impossible outcome.