Citadel – a reclaimed inheritance – Obsidian-black, new views, new perspectives.

Gas giants, a barren world, a diminished star, outposts and frontiers. Two passengers, and one ‘Tutor’.

A pale wisp of a girl, lonely no longer. A new friend and a relative at last. The loss of hope. The discovery, destruction and sparing of the enemy.

Grey mists and premonitions. To learn, to repair, to kill and to spare.

Canadian extreme multiculturalism. A pilot, a single-seat jet, an incredible rescue and incarceration. An ultimatum – unbelievers, messengers misunderstood, and unappreciated. A hand-held laser and a crumbling hangar floor. Floating in an electric chair. Discoveries in the mists at Niagara, in Soho, London and in the extremes of a Albertan snowstorm.

Mobilizing the immobile to cross hundreds of millions of miles of unforgiving vacuum. Jailor and prisoners, freed but still trapped. Lost lives, limbs and lasers. One ‘Controller’ is one too many. A return to slow-engulfing disaster, belaying delaying the attack, a push for the ultimate relocation.

An air force fighter jet fished from the ocean, close to an empty, cliff-top excavation. A new flyer, a sub reactor, an unfortunate cat. American beryllium, Eliminators, and a new crater in Nevada, an explanation beyond proof, preferable to the truth. Time running out.

Collecting new items: obsidian fragments and a figurine in miniature, one hand-made ring and many, many Macrals.

A new kind of union. Respite, despite near enemies. Friends under false pretences. An aunt enlightened, a warrior-commander on hold.