After the discoveries at the conclusion of 'Impact', it is only a matter of time before the hordes of Narlavs invade.... As the small group of defenders prepare for the battle, they have to deal with extreme weather, desperate survivors, and still search for lost friends and family members. Richard and Kirrina must bring disparate forces together, uniting them to maximise the hope that they still have... to survive... and more than that, to prevent the subjugation of all humanity on Earth. Just as the defenders begin their supposed pre-emptive strike to destroy the Narlav base, the Narlavs launch their invasion. The fleets meet and battle in the space between Earth and the Moon, with many ships destroyed on both sides and a Narlav troop landing near the once-secret factory just as Richard and Kirrina land at the Moon base, resulting in simultaneous hand-to-hand laser shoot-outs with devastating results. On the Narlav’s home planet, shattering revelations are made about the true character of the principal enemy of humanity.